Frozen strawberries

We offer wholesale frozen strawberries.

Storing strawberries is a very important issue. One of the optimal and effective options for storing strawberries is freezing. It’s even better than storing it as jam. Strawberry is a juicy and soft berry that requires careful treatment. Shock freezing in this case is an indispensable option. The sweet berry can be used for cooking or eaten raw. Frozen strawberries need to be taken out of the bag and kept warm for a while.

You can use the berry in cooking as a filling for pies (pies) and dumplings. Compote, jelly, smoothies, yogurt are made from it. In general, it is perfectly combined with sour milk and dairy products. In addition, it is an excellent raw material for preparing jellies, mousses, jams and cakes. And you can just eat the appetizing berry, sprinkling it with sugar if desired.