Frozen blueberries

Fresh seasonal blueberries are perishable berries. The technology of shock freezing allows you to significantly extend its shelf life, to use the berry in a dish in a fresh form at any time of the year, previously thawed, to add desserts, cakes, acids, etc. as ingredients. You can feast on useful ripe berries all year round if you buy sorted, thoroughly washed and dried frozen blueberries.

Quick freezing differs from normal freezing by the speed of cooling, the formation of microcrystals. Shock freezing involves a rapid decrease in the temperature of whole, fresh, undamaged fruits without traces of spoilage, mud, debris, leaves, which ensures a presentable appearance, long-term preservation of the product, and also completely excludes the development of pathogenic microflora.

The blue-black fruits do not lose their texture, less icing forms on the berries, as they are simultaneously cooled and powerfully blown.

Accelerated freezing of ripe blueberries, rich in antioxidants, allows you to preserve all their organoleptic properties: 100% original taste, light astringency, sweetness, fleshiness, juiciness, rich color, as well as valuable organic compounds, useful micro- and macroelements. Black fruits do not differ in moisture and vitamin content from freshly picked aromatic fruits.