Dried cherry with stone

DRIED CHERRY WITH DONE is a universal organic product without additives and chemical processing. Low-temperature drying allows you to preserve the usefulness and naturalness of fresh berries in a natural way. Dried cherry fruits are used in different ways. Compotes and desserts are prepared from them, delicious teas and decoctions are made, and they are also simply eaten without prior processing. Dried cherry is used in folk methods of treatment, cosmetology and cooking.

IMPORTANTLY! Gentle low-temperature production technology allows you to preserve all the useful and nutritious properties of cherries. Production of products is carried out on unique ecological equipment, which allows to obtain natural products with a long shelf life, without artificial food additives, GMOs, flavorings and dyes.

Benefits of dried pitted cherries:

promotes the removal of nitrogenous wastes from the body;
has an anti-inflammatory effect
protecting the body’s resistance to adverse influences;
has an anticonvulsant and sedative effect, having a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
has an anti-inflammatory effect in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract;
used as an expectorant in the treatment of cough and bronchitis.

Recommendations for use:

for children, adults and the elderly to improve immunity;
helps dieters lose excess weight;
for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, as an antipyretic for small children;
to normalize natural sleep, prevents memory loss;
to reduce the size of tumors in cancer.