Refined sunflower oil in bulk

We offer refined deodorized sunflower oil from the best Ukrainian producers. The products are ready for export and meet all technical requirements, which is confirmed by certificates of quality and compliance.

Packaging: tanks, flexitanks

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Sunflower oil is a unique product, the beneficial properties of which are far superior to other vegetable oils. Sunflower oil is a rich source of necessary vitamins, the main ones being A, D and E.

Indicators in accordance with DSTU 4492: 2017

Transparency – slight turbidity is allowed
The taste and smell correspond to sunflower oil
Color number, iodine no more than 20 mg
Acid number, KOH/g Not more than 4 mg
Peroxide number 1/2 O not more than 10 mmol kg
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances no more than 0.20%
The mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances (in terms of stearooleolecithin) is no more than 0.60%
Mass fraction of non-fat impurities no more than 0.05%

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