Pea groats

We offer pea groats from the best Ukrainian producers. The products are ready for export and meet all technical requirements, which is confirmed by certificates of quality and compliance.

Packaging: 500g, 1 kg, packaging in bags is possible

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Label: From manufacturer or Private label

Chopped peas – obtained by processing ordinary edible peas. In this form, it takes much less time to cook, which is why the product is very popular among cooks around the world.

This culture appeared about 8 thousand years ago in the region of the Fertile Crescent, was found at the excavations of Troy. Christopher Columbus brought peas to the New World. Eventually, the culture spread all over the world. There is even a pea monument – a statue of a green giant in Minnesota. Dishes with peas are diverse: soups, porridges, purees, puddings, fillings for pies and much more. Add it to your diet too!

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