Oat groats

We offer oat groats from the best Ukrainian producers. The products are ready for export and meet all technical requirements, which is confirmed by certificates of quality and compliance.

Packaging: 500g, 1 kg, packaging in bags is possible

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Label: From manufacturer or Private label

Oatmeal is a dietary, but very nutritious product. It is a little thicker than oatmeal, so it takes 15-20 minutes to cook it. Oat groats make delicious porridges and soups. For production, high-quality oat groats are used, which has passed the selection of light, small and large, mineral and metallomagnetic impurities, which allows to exclude the presence of flower films and other impurities in the finished product. Hydrothermal processing of groats with steam allows to reduce cooking time. Preservatives and artificial food additives are not used in the production of the product.

Energy value:

100 g of the product contains: 1592.4 kJ (380.6 kcal), proteins – 12.6 g, fats – 6.2 g, carbohydrates – 68.1 g

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