Barley groats (barley)

We offer barley groats from the best Ukrainian producers. The products are ready for export and meet all technical conditions, which is confirmed by certificates of quality and conformity.

Packaging: 500g, 1 kg, packaging in bags is possible

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Label: from the manufacturer or Private label

Barley grains – miraculously dzherelo protein (mayzhe 10 g per 100 g of groats), as its biological value surpasses wheat proteins. I mayzhe 5% of the raw warehouse of barley porridge – tse nasampered klіtkovina. Moreover, do not forget about the most important – brown fats and carbohydrates, which are in porridge. A portion of ready-made porridge – miraculously dzherelo energy. 100 g of raw product contains over 300 kcal. And in 100 g of porridge prepared without olive oil, there are only 75 kcal in the final dish.

For a long time, we talked about barley products, like about natural faces in colds, ailment ShKT. They got used to it, if it was necessary to relieve spasms and increase inflammation. From the other side, the Persian doctor and philosopher of the hour Serednyovichchya Avetsenna bouv perekonany, scho barley grits insanely help the body in the form of slags, toxins and allergies.